Outstanding value, all-inclusive price and a money back guarantee. No other addiction rehab can match us.


Our price is all inclusive – everything from accommodation and meals to counseling and group programs to offsite activities, such as kayaking and sailing. There are no hidden costs. We won’t be billing you for lots of little extras. We won’t be trying to sell you other courses. This is it. One excellent package and an upfront price.

Booking/Processing Fee: $2,500 (no concessions are available on this fee)

Program Fee:  Concessional place currently available at 30% off the following prices

30 days $9,900
60 days $19,800
90 days $29,700 (Bonus two week top-up stay as an incentive for those who complete a full 90 day program)

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What is included?

  • Pickup service from Gold Coast International Airport or nearby towns
  • Your own room
  • All meals
  • All off-site activities
  • All onsite medical visits (as per medical issues disclosed)
  • All psychology and counselling sessions
  • Yoga and exercise program
  • Education program
  • Group Therapy
  • Online family support
  • Supervised and structured environment
  • Drug testing
  • All linen, including bedding and towels
  • Fully equipped laundry including dryers
  • Any reports for legal matters including employers or professional bodies
  • After care plan on exit
  • And more…

For more on what is included, take a look at our program

What is not included?

  • Significant unexpected medical needs or medical evacuation expenses
  • Any prescription medicines or pharmaceutical items required during your stay
  • Any malicious or recklessly negligent damage to our facilities
  • Any cost of removal from the facility if you are excluded for misbehavior/breach but refuse to leave

90 Day program incentive

Those who complete the 90 day program will receive a free bonus 2 week top-up stay at Gunnebah. We highly recommend the effectiveness of the 90 day program and so we offer an incentive to encourage guests to complete it. You can take your bonus top-up stay at a time that suits you (dependent upon space being available at Gunnebah). This option is valid for two years after completing your 90 day stay.


Full payment in advance is required to reserve your place in the program.

Money Back Guarantee

If you leave the program early we will refund the unused portion of your upfront fees unless you are excluded for breach of rules (as indicated in the FAQ). The booking/processing fee, however, is non refundable.

Why do we do this? Well… we started off like all the other private residential addiction rehabs in Australia – upfront payment and no refund after you have started. However, one of our first guests told of how she had walked out of a number of other addiction rehabs early (one of them after only a couple of days), leaving her family out of pocket for tens of thousands of dollars and her no healthier – a double-whammy.

Things are tough enough for those struggling with addiction and for their families, who are often the ones paying. We don’t want to make it any tougher. And so we came up with a unique money back guarantee. We know of no other addiction rehab that does this.

We believe in what we do and think you won’t want to take advantage of this offer but, just in case you do, it’s available to give you and your family peace of mind.

Booking and Processing Fee

Regardless of the amount of time booked, a booking and processing fee shall apply to every guest. This includes Medical Assessment, Psychological Assessment, Admission Processing and assistance with transport as required. This is a non refundable administration fee.

What to do if you cannot afford this price

  • Ask if we have a concessional bed available soon.
  • Seek a bed at a government funded rehab program. Gunnebah operates independent of government funding but there are a number of low cost, government funded residential rehabs. They generally have long waiting lists and, although good programs, they are often under-resourced and lack benefits such as private bedrooms, a beautiful natural setting, an intensive learning program, extra adventures and activities (such as kayaking etc – that offer powerful therapeutic benefits).
  • Participate in a non-residential recovery program in your area.
  • Discuss options with your GP.


As a community service we occasionally have a concessional place available at a reduced rate.

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