Frequently Asked Questions



Can people under 18 come to Gunnebah?

Unfortunately, no. Generally, it is more effective for teenagers to participate in programs specifically focused on teens, due to their unique stage of life and their different social and program needs.

Am I allowed to leave during my stay?

Weekly activities will be undertaken by groups outside the facility. These will be supervised by staff.

On rare occasions a guest may leave with supervision for extenuating circumstances.

Should a guest choose to leave during their stay without our consent they will not be allowed to return without restarting their treatment. Should a guest choose to return they will be credited with the unused portion of their previous visit for up to two years.

What are the conditions of coming to Gunnebah?

Guests must attend on a voluntary basis.
Guests must commit to participate in all activities.
Guests must be detoxed at the time of entry.
Unfortunately we cannot treat people with serious mental illness or a significant history of violence.

How long should I stay?

Our program starts from 30 days but we encourage you to stay for up to 90 days if you can. Studies have shown that 90 day rehab is more than twice as successful in achieving long term recovery as shorter periods. However, we also understand that it may be extremely difficult for you to take that amount of time out of your life and and so our program starts at 30 days, to balance effectiveness with what you may be able to manage. We only want to have you as our guest once and we are serious about getting you a life free of addiction.

Can I stay longer than 90 days?

Should you not feel ready to leave after 90 days we will happily discuss extending your stay at a reduced rate. If however we feel that an extended stay would not necessarily assist you we will advise an alternative course of treatment.

Can I do detox at Gunnebah?

Unfortunately we are not yet set up as a detox facility. Participants are required to detox prior to arrival so they will test clean at the time of entry.

We are happy to assist placement with a local detox facility if required.

Does Gunnebah use the 12 step process?

Yes and No! The 12 step process has been in use for nearly 100 years and has been successful for many people, however many advances have been made in addiction treatment. At Gunnebah we are constantly striving for evidence-based best practice so we try to adopt the best of all treatment philosophies including certain parts of the 12 step process. We have a holistic approach to make you mentally and physically strong and healthy so you can beat addiction forever.

Can I smoke at Gunnebah?

Most guests coming to Gunnebah will have more than one addiction. Our program is your best chance to overcome ALL of your addictions and replace them with lifelong healthy lifestyle habits and routines. So, accordingly, no tobacco products are allowed at Gunnebah. Nicotine replacement therapy should be arranged in advance, if needed.

How should I prepare for Gunnebah?

The healthier you are before you come to Gunnebah the easier your life changing journey will be. Try to eat well, sleep well, exercise and minimise or stop any unhealthy habits as early as possible before you come to us.

Above all, please come to Gunnebah with an open mind and a genuine desire to give 100% to your recovery.

I am on medication for my addiction. Can I continue to take this medication whilst at Gunnebah?

Addiction medication will be addressed as part of the entry procedures.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, no. We already have a number of animals at Gunnebah.

What about coffee?

Coffee is available in the morning but in the afternoon and evening only decaf or herbal teas. We want to make sure that you can relax and get a good sleep at night.

What do you think about romantic relationships between guests?

We discourage romantic relationships. You have more than enough to deal with in terms of overcoming your addiction without having to negotiate a new relationship. Most relationships that begin in rehab do not last. In fact, starting a relationship can be a subconscious way of avoiding dealing with what you need to.

What does it cost?

We aim to offer an outstanding program at a good price.

Our price is all inclusive – everything from accommodation and meals to counseling and group programs to offsite activities, such as kayaking and sailing. There are no hidden costs. We won’t be billing you for lots of little extras. We won’t be trying to sell you other courses. This is it. One excellent package at one price.

We have discounted the 90 day program because we highly recommend its effectiveness and want to encourage you to do it if you can.

30 days $15,000. Additional days $450/day
60 days $27,000. Additional days $400/day
90 days $36,000. Additional days $350/day

What is included in the price?
  • Pickup service from Gold Coast International Airport or nearby towns
  • Your own room
  • All meals
  • All off-site activities
  • All onsite medical visits (as per medical issues disclosed)
  • All psychology and counselling sessions
  • Yoga and exercise program
  • Education program
  • Group Therapy
  • Online family support
  • Supervised and structured environment
  • Drug testing
  • All linen, including bedding and towels
  • Fully equipped laundry including dryers
  • Any reports for legal matters including employers or professional bodies
  • After care plan on exit
  • And more…
What is not included in the price?
  • Significant unexpected medical needs or medical evacuation expenses
  • Any prescription medicines or pharmaceutical items required during your stay
  • Any malicious or recklessly negligent damage to our facilities
  • Any cost of removal from the facility if you are excluded for misbehavior/breach but refuse to leave
What are the conditions and refund policy?
  • Full payment in advance is required to reserve your place in the program.
  • Early withdrawal from the program attracts no refund but guests will retain any unused portion of the visit as a credit for a future visit within 2 years.
  • Should a participant be excluded due to breach of rules then no refund will be payable.
Can I share to reduce costs?

Unfortunately not. We have an intensive program and a simple pricing structure. We provide all participants with their own private room to help ensure that you get the rest you need and some alone time. This is important in ensuring the effectiveness of our program. Private rooms also reduce the risk of conflict with a room mate – we don’t want anything to distract you from your reason for being at Gunnebah.

I cannot afford private rehab. What can I do?
  • Ask if we have a charity bed available soon.
  • Seek a bed at a government funded rehab program. Gunnebah operates independent of government funding but there are a number of low cost, government funded residential rehabs. They generally have long waiting lists and, although good programs, they are often under-resourced and lack benefits such as private bedrooms, a beautiful natural setting, an intensive learning program, extra adventures and activities (such as kayaking etc – that offer powerful therapeutic benefits).
  • Participate in a non-residential recovery program in your area.
  • Join a local Alcoholics Anonymous/ Narcotics Anonymous or Smart Recovery support group.
  • Discuss options with your GP.

Some people successfully get their addiction under control without ever going into residential rehab. However, as anyone who has tried to quit an addiction will tell you, giving up and staying clean is incredibly hard to do. Doing it alone is even harder. At Gunnebah we combine your commitment to change with our research based methods and intensive support to maximize your chance of success.