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Gunnebah Addiction Retreat

Not your typical rehab!

Managing COVID-19

Gunnebah’s residential alcohol and drug rehab (addiction treatment) program is different!

  • Expert staff. Our staff are highly qualified and have years of experience in helping people successfully change. 
  • Our own medical doctor. Our service has our own doctor, who will consult with you twice a week, as needed.
  • Fun. Our holistic, evidence-based program is designed to not only help people overcome their addictions but to also be fun.
  • Semi-remote. We are far enough from temptation but close enough to medical services. Gunnebah is in a tranquil rural location, yet only 30 minutes from Gold Coast Airport and all services. And only 45 minutes from Byron Bay. 1.5 hours drive from Brisbane and easily accessible to Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra via Gold Coast Airport.
  • Friendly and safe home-like environment. Many rehabs have a reputation for being intimidating and unpleasant. Gunnebah strives to make you feel welcome and secure. We keep it small and personal.
  • Committed to quality. Unique amongst private rehabs, we are accredited at Certificate level of the Australian Service Excellence Standards
Quality Accredited

For people who need time to heal, our intensive wellness program treats the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Our service is private and completely confidential.

Expert, qualified staff

Our staff are all fully qualified and experts in their fields. A number of our staff also have lived experience with addiction. Read about Our Team.

Our method for alcohol and drug rehab addiction treatment
Our program for alcohol or drug addiction rehabilitation near the Gold Coast
Our team are experts in alcohol and drug rehab addiction treatment

So much more than just an alcohol and drug rehab program

At Gunnebah, we use evidence-based best practice and highly skilled staff to partner with you to create the optimum environment for your recovery from addiction to drugs, alcohol or unhealthy behaviours. We combine your motivation with our research-based program of education, counselling, group therapy, mindfulness, exercise and fun activities so you can reclaim control over your life and rediscover your joy and purpose in living. Read about Our Program.

I need help with alcoholism, addiction to drugs or unhealthy behaviours of a related issue.
I want to help a loved one overcome addiction to alcohol or drugs

Near the Gold Coast but not too close

Stunning beaches, beautiful national parks, quaint villages! Only 30 minutes drive to the Gold Coast International Airport, and within easy reach of all needed facilities, yet far from temptation, Gunnebah is nestled in a quiet, rural setting in the far north of New South Wales, Australia. Close to stunning Byron Bay and Mount Warning, the area abounds in natural beauty and an extraordinary array of activities are possible during your stay, from kayaking with dolphins to bushwalking, to world-class art galleries, farmers markets, surfing lessons and much more.  You certainly won’t feel like you are at a drug rehab. Read about Our Location.

Gunnebah is also close to Brisbane (1.5hr drive) and, via Gold Coast Airport, within easy reach of Australia’s other capitals – Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.

COVID-19 update – travel to Gunnebah is still possible from many parts of Australia

Access to Gunnebah may depend on your location and relevant government restrictions.

The situation will continue to change and we will help you navigate it. Please contact us for help.

Managing Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Yes, we are still open and here for you.

The current circumstances are challenging for everyone but substance use issues don’t just go away especially in stressful times.

Our intention is to continue operations during the current challenges and we believe we can.

Perhaps this is even a good time for you or someone you care for to take the time out to focus on recovery?

We are equipped and as dedicated as ever to support you through this difficult time.

We are fortunate that Gunnebah is located in a beautiful semi-remote location which will greatly assist in reducing the risk of guests and staff coming into contact with Coronavirus whilst at Gunnebah.

We love our guests and staff so here is what we are doing to keep them safe and stop the spread.

We have hand sanitizer in each bedroom, the common areas and kitchen. We encourage all of our guests and staff to use them freely.

The common areas, bathrooms and door handles are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

For health and safety, we are monitoring all guests and staff for any flu-like symptoms.

We have isolation and treatment protocols in place should any guest or staff member be potentially infected.

Our Doctor is regularly reviewing all of our protocols and monitoring the health of all guests and staff.

Just before I arrived at Gunnebah, I had hit rock bottom. My addiction to alcohol was controlling my life and it seemed impossible to find a way out. But after only a few short weeks here, I feel ready to begin my life again. Addiction isn’t solved overnight, but Gunnebah has given me the tools and the strength to pick myself up and have another go at life. If you’re struggling with addiction issues, then I would absolutely recommend this wonderful place. ~ Nick Jordan.