At Gunnebah we strive to have the most affordable private rehab in Australia. We offer the highest quality program and services whilst keeping fees as low as possible. Despite keeping our costs low, we recognise that there are still financial barriers for many people.

With long wait lists for public rehab centres, we understand that this leaves many people in a very difficult situation. As a result, we are trying to do what we can to help. This includes: providing free community programs, offering a scholarship fund, and advocating to government for the creation of more affordable rehab options for all.

Free Community Program

Gunnebah therapists run the Smart Recovery weekly training in Murwillumbah free of charge to anyone who wishes to attend. These meetings were originally run by Drug Arm under a government-funded program. When they lost funding, Gunnebah, recognised the need for it and took on the responsibility to keep it going.

Scholarship Fund and Donation Matching

We maintain a donation-based Scholarship Fund to help people who cannot afford our fees. Gunnebah’s owner matches donations into the fund dollar for dollar. When we have enough funds to provide a scholarship place then our therapy team identifies a suitable candidate through our networks. The candidate will be someone struggling with addiction and unable to afford our standard fees but highly motivated for change.

Please note that we do not take unsolicited requests for participation in the Scholarship Program. This is because we work through networks within the sector to identify potential participants. Also, donors cannot specify who their donation is to support. This is to prevent the Scholarship Fund from being used as a half-price back door into the Gunnebah Program.

Donate: If you would like to contribute to our scholarship fund, please contact us. Please note that donations are not tax-deductible.


Gunnebah is seeking reforms to the way the federal and state governments fund residential rehab so as to increase the number of affordable beds available to the public. We made a submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into regional rehabs in Australia which you can read here.

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