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How to help yourself with addiction

Take action immediately. Don’t let shame or fear hold you back.

  • Talk with your doctor as soon as possible. They are accustomed to people discussing such issues with them and to maintaining client confidentiality.
  • If you have friends or family who want you to quit, let them know that you are ready. They will want to help you.
  • Contact us, so we can identify a space for you to enter our rehab program. Unsure? take a look at our program.
  • Have a look at the conditions we treat.
  • Gunnebah runs a free Smart Recovery program in Murwillumbah. The free weekly training session are part of Gunnebah’s Community Contribution.

Guests have said to us “If I’d know rehab would be like this, I would have come years ago!” It’s not that rehab is easy, it’s that it can and should be a positive experience.

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