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Gunnebah accommodates all guests in private rooms in our charming mudbrick bungalows. All rooms open out onto covered patios, with outdoor furniture and native gardens. Each room is simple, clean and attractive with comfortable beds and storage space. Bedrooms have ceiling fans but not air conditioning. Heaters are provided in winter. Bathrooms and toilets are shared. 

Gunnebah bedroom example


Our spacious hall is 180 sq metres with ample windows giving air and light, great acoustics, ceiling fans and a wood fire.

This is usually where we have yoga classes, group fitness, boxing fitness and activities such as African drumming. See some of our activities on our program page.

The hall’s large, magnificent wooden doors open up to a level space for outdoor activities, leading down to a magical creek (home to turtles and platypus) and an outdoor fire pit.

Gunnebah hall


For those who wish to work out, we have a well-appointed gym with a range of exercise and weights equipment.

Gym equipment

Consultation Rooms

Private consultation locations are set away from the other buildings for individual counselling or therapy sessions. Take a look at our therapists in Our Team.

Therapy Room

Lounge & Dining

Gunnebah’s lounge and dining area is its ‘community’ hub. Built away from the hall and accommodation, to create a separate social space, it is perfect for chatting, listening to music, games, reading and dining. Built from mud bricks, with an exquisite stained-glass window, it holds great charm and character.

Our outdoor eating area provides diners with a relaxed, natural environment overlooking the garden. Spaces include year-round ‘indoor/outdoor’ enclosed and weatherproof dining areas.

Inside, there is an ample servery area, a hot drink station, and a lounge area with comfortable couches, fireplace, coffee table, an interesting library (with everything from novels to self-help books) and a DVD collection.

Gunnebah lounge


Nutrition is one of the key elements of your recovery and Gunnebah takes pride in providing a wide variety of delicious and healthy meals. Our highly experienced chefs carefully prepare your lunch and dinner each day. Breakfast food and a separate preparation area is provided for guests to cook up their own meals in the morning.

The hot drink station hosts a wide range of delicious black, green and herbal teas and coffee.

Gunnebah food

Swimming Pool

One of Gunnebah’s popular features is our resort-style saltwater swimming pool. It is surrounded by sub-tropical gardens and places to relax.

Gunnebah swimming pool


We have an infrared sauna with chromotherapy light. Infrared saunas have a number of benefits, including;
– Improved quality of sleep,
– Relaxation, Detoxification,
– Weight loss/fat loss,
– Relief from sore muscles and joint pain,
– Clearer, tighter skin,
– Improved circulation,
– Help with chronic fatigue syndrome,
– Reduce blood pressure,
– Pain relief,
– Boosted immune system.
Located next to our pool, guests can use the sauna and pool together to help feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

sauna and Pool House


We have a five circuit labyrinth, modelled on the ancient labyrinth at the cathedral of Chartres, in France. Labyrinth walking is an ancient practice used by many different traditions for reflection, contemplation, and prayer. Some people find it a helpful way to tap into new insights or ideas, especially for a deep question that you may have or an intention that you may wish to set. At the entrance to the labyrinth, bring the question to mind and ask yourself to be open to whatever may come up as you walk the labyrinth. And then, putting the question aside, walk the labyrinth slowly and mindfully allowing whatever arises. You can read more about labyrinths at the Veriditas website.

gunnebah labyrinth


Walk through lush fields or along our quiet street, passing contented cows, streams and natural forest. As a no-through-road, it has little traffic.

A short drive away are beautiful beaches and national parks to visit, including Springbrook.

Read more about our beautiful location.

Gunnebah lawn and trees

Produce Garden

Gunnebah has abundant produce gardens, with a range of seasonal fruits, nuts and vegetables. You are welcome to get your hands dirty and experience gardening as a working meditation within your program.

volunteer in garden

Farm Animals

We have chickens, goats, cows and friendly dogs. They are all part of the experience at Gunnebah. There is great therapeutic value in connecting with animals. If you want to, you can also learn about how to care for them and help out in this aspect of farm life.


After checking out our facilities, take a look at our program.

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