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Nobody plans to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. At Gunnebah, we know that rehab is where you end up rather than a planned destination. If you’ve made the decision to do something about your addiction it’s our goal to provide you with the opportunity to make significant, lasting changes you’ll be able to live with.

Our program

At Gunnebah we have developed an evidence-based program that includes:

  • Physical health – exercise, nutrition and sleep
  • Mental health – understanding your relationship with addiction & building skills to make sustainable change
  • Spiritual health – counselling, group therapy, mindfulness
  • Social well-being- rebuilding social skills, making healthy connections

Take a look at the conditions we treat.

We provide

Our comprehensive service provides:

  • A structured and full program focused on building life-skills, developing insight and healthy lifelong habits. Your experience here will open the door to living the life you want. This includes such things as: relationship and communication skills; connecting with family and important others; financial management; nutrition; emotions and self-regulation; physical well-being and much more.
  • Individual therapy to focus on your life and what is important to you.
  • Group therapy & team building in a safe, nurturing community. Develop enduring, mutually supportive friendships with others who know what you are going through because they’ve been there.
  • Psychobiology of addiction seminars to help you understand what’s happening to your mind & body so you can intervene for your own benefit.
  • Adventures and new experiences (e.g. learn to surf, climb Mt Warning, sea kayaking, etc) to rediscover the excitement in life itself – like you had before addiction became the only thing in life.
  • Specific therapeutic techniques that have been shown to be helpful for people suffering addiction. This includes Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.
  • Exercise, yoga, mindfulness and meditation, and wholesome food to help you become physically and mentally well.
  • A semi-remote location, removed from the stress, complications and temptations of everyday life. Gunnebah is in a beautiful, tranquil area, close to some of Australia’s most scenic national parks and beaches.
  • Integrated family therapy, as required.

Of course, each of these elements work within an integrated and individualised program, strengthening and supporting each other, for maximum benefit.

We work hard to ensure you are comfortable, safe and secure on beginning your journey to recovery from addiction.

When you leave

Maintaining change is real and possible. It is a journey that comes with joys and challenges. If you commit to the journey, bring an open mind and a willingness to take personal responsibility. We commit to do all that we can to support you to make it down that road – and to know how to stay on that road when you leave.

Our expert team work together with you to embed the proven skills, tools and perspectives that you can take forward into the rest of your life. You have an opportunity to overcome addiction in your life and flourish – through addressing the core issues that have held you back. We know you can succeed and we stay in touch and provide follow-up to help you transition into life after your experience at Gunnebah Addiction Retreat.

We’re on your team. Always.

The staff are welcoming and the environment puts you at ease immediately, whether a guest or a family member/friend. Gunnebah offers a personalised service where each individual is treated with such care and time (there is no clock ticking when trying to sort out your emotional/physical needs). If you or a family member is needing some help, I hope you call them. They really helped us. ~ Brenda S.

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