Prior to Entry

  • General assessment by one of our Therapy Team to assess your needs and the suitability of our program.
  • Medical questionnaire and assessment.
  • Identification of any detox needs and relevant process.
  • Nicotine replacement arranged with your GP (if you are a smoker and want to take advantage of this opportunity to quit). For rationale, see Gunnebah’s smoking policy. There are plenty of useful resources and support services to help you get started with quitting smoking before you arrive at Gunnebah.

On Entry

  • Medical consultation with our Medical Director or nurse to confirm your health.
  • Entry interview with one of our Therapy Team to get a sense of your immediate situation and motivation.
  • Review of Terms and Conditions of Stay in the Admission Form.
  • Orientation to the facilities and program.

Weekly Program

Each week follows a structure similar to the following (with occasional changes when required). A healthy daily routine is one of the essential habits that you will develop at Gunnebah and hopefully continue after your time with us. (Read more about our method).

  • Mornings begin with some kind of exercise, such as yoga, group fitness or boxercise. We also have a well-equipped gym, a swimming pool and a beautiful hill walk for times you choose to do your own exercise.
  • A morning group check in process is a key part of the therapy program, helping bond the group, resolve issues, and support guests to share their feelings in ways that are helpful for their recovery.
  • There are six topic group sessions throughout the week that are facilitated by two of our qualified therapists. These focus on specific recovery topics as part of Gunnebah’s structured group recovery program.
  • Guests receive two individual therapy sessions each week. Guests are also offered, and sometimes choose to take advantage of family therapy opportunities whilst here.
  • Medical care by our doctor is available three times a week or as required, face to face. Our Doctor is also available 24/7 via telehealth if required.
  • Each week we will go off-site for interesting, exciting or fun activities. Gunnebah is perfectly located for accessing an incredible range of activities, from world heritage national parks to acclaimed art galleries to stunning beaches. Read more about our our location.
  • Creativity and mindfulness come together with a regular program with pottery, Qi Gong, Meditation and Art Therapy.
  • Each evening, a group session which we call Gratitude and Goals helps guests to build healthy daily habits of making time for personal reflection, improving personal wellbeing through developing an attitude of gratitude, and setting achievable daily goals.
  • Sundays are available for friends and family to come as visitors. They are very welcome for lunch.
  • AA/NA meetings. Whilst we are not a 12 step program. We offer the option for Guests to attend a weekly meeting if they choose on a Sunday morning, alternating between AA and NA.

Take a look at an example activities timetable for a week

Activities you may experience include (but are not limited to):

  • Bushwalking
  • Learning to surf
  • Gardening
  • Kayaking
  • Stand up paddleboarding
  • Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Group fitness
  • Pilates
  • Boxercise
  • Golf
  • Archery
  • Team building
  • Day trips to local attractions
  • Gymea Spa and Bathhouse
  • Volleyball
  • Meditation
  • Badminton
  • Rhythmic drumming
  • Swimming pool
  • Ping Pong
  • Lawn bowls
  • Tenpin bowling

And much more. Activities change depending on the season and weather.

Post Program

Rehab is not the end of the road, it’s the beginning.

We provide a program of encouragement and support to assist your successful transition back into the world beyond Gunnebah and to help you to continue to grow with the changes you have begun here.

A strong aftercare plan is a critical part of having a successful recovery.

During your time at Gunnebah you will be supported in the development of your own personalised aftercare plan, including connection with local support groups, networks and services.

Subject to certain conditions Gunnebah also offers the following ongoing therapy options to support each individuals needs.

1. On-going Individual Sessions

These sessions are a continuation of your individual therapy whilst at Gunnebah with your existing therapist. The intent of these sessions is to support you as you transition back into your home environment, work and community.

When: These sessions can either be onsite or via video conference. Your therapist will discuss a suitable time with you and send you a link upon confirmation of your subscription.

Cost: $165 per session direct debit weekly, fortnightly or monthly, as agreed with your therapist. You may adjust the frequency in consultation with your therapist. This will be set up through the administration team.

This is not for couples therapy or crisis.

2. Weekly Aftercare Online Group

The weekly two hour aftercare group is a relaxed, safe and supportive space for ex-guests to share their experiences in early recovery. Participant’s are given the opportunity to reflect on their week and discuss any foreseeable challenges. The group is encouraged to give feedback and support. The group is hosted by a Gunnebah therapist and follows the same format each week. The therapist will send you a Zoom invitation for on-going sessions upon confirmation of your subscription. Maximum group size of 10 people.

Cost: $45 weekly subscription only.

3. Family Member Support Session

These sessions are intended to support family members or friends of Gunnebah guests who would like to know more about addiction, recovery and what to expect in early recovery. Topics covered may include, psychoeducation on addiction, enabling, boundaries, self-care, rebuilding trust and assertive communication.

When and Where: These sessions can either be onsite or via video conference. The allocated therapist will discuss a suitable time with the family member/friend. They will then be sent a link upon confirmation of payment.

Cost: $165 per session. The sessions will be invoiced and paid for in advance.

This offering is with a therapist that has not been working with the Gunnebah guest for confidentiality reasons. The circumstances or any information about individual guests will not be discussed in these sessions.

This is not for couples therapy, crisis or relapse.

I nearly didn’t choose Gunnebah because it had the word “fun” on the website, as though the guilt of my addiction and perceived “weakness” meant I needed to be punished in some way. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Since coming here, I have had life breathed back into me. I’ve developed sober relationships and experienced joy and laughter in ways, now sober, that I had only thought were possible with substance use. Words cannot explain how truly grateful I am to all the staff at Gunnebah for saving my life and helping me to discover a new one full of real purpose and hope again. ~ Berny A.

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