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I felt safe, understood and not judged

The idea of rehabilitation can seem very daunting – terrifying even – which was my impression before stepping foot into Gunnebah. However, the minute I arrived I was greeted warmly by staff (and the resident dogs), shown to my comfortable room, and did not look back.

Gunnebah offers a holistic experience, with a program encompassing therapies, nutrition, well-being, fitness, education, and much more. The well qualified staff, facilities and environment were amazing in helping to navigate my addiction and its root causes. What was to be a four week stay extended into six. I could have easily stayed for more had I not been bursting at the seams with positive anticipation, ready to tackle my new life equipped with tools, a new-found confidence and appreciation for life.

Aside from the structure of mandatory activities (such as daily check-ins, and individual and group therapy sessions), there is plenty of time to allow you the freedom for self-reflection and exploration. The property and surrounds are some of the most beautiful that the Northern Rivers of NSW has to offer, and the hospitality is second to none. I felt safe, understood and not judged, and along with my now sobriety, these are the best takeaways from my Gunnebah experience.

A special thank you to Madelyn, Lauren, Emrys, Warwick and Robyn, whose work/ company/ words of wisdom I truly appreciate and respect. A hot tip from me: do not take your phone (or at least don’t have it attached to your hip). It is very freeing.


I feel the old happy me is back for good

Where do I begin. I have been to rehab before. It didnt work. I was a ‘number’. At Gunnabah I am Diane, I am a person who has to heal in many ways, not just addiction, and I cannot speak more highly for Gunnabah. I have only been here 3 weeks and 2 left to go adn I feel the old happy me is back for good. Not only the staff and the councellers but the venue, the activities, the delicious and healthy food, the activities, the general genuine kindness and effort put in to rebuild you soul and find your feet and deal with ‘life’. Thank you to Adam for telling me to come here. You said “Call Warwick immediately. Gunnabah changed my life forever – don’t think about going anywhere else…I have been there and this is where you need to be”. I can’t wait to live my life.


The most profound and life changing experience I have ever had

I spent 6 weeks at Gunnebah and can say with confidence that this facility has changed the course of my life. I was nervous on entering but these nerves evaporated once I saw the grounds and met the amazing staff (and dogs).

The location itself is the perfect place to relax and connect with yourself and others. The facilities which include a gym, sauna, pool and plenty of activities allowed me to keep up a healthy lifestyle. The off-site activities were awesome – spa days, surfing/beach, tennis, whale watching to name a few.

The food is no doubt some of the best I have ever experienced – the variety of healthy options had me excited for every meal.

The quality of the therapy sessions (group and individual) must be some of the best in Australia. I felt like I hit the jackpot with how much I learnt at Gunnebah and the skills I was able to take home and apply to my life. If you are struggling with addiction I could not recommend this place more.

Thanks to all at Gunnebah!


The friendships, relationships and heartfelt moments of internal reflection and genuine compassion shared with people I had only just met was beyond my wildest imaginings

I visited Gunnebah for 6 weeks in total after initially booking in for only 4 weeks. It is very difficult to put into a few short words the depth of my experience. I shall endeavour to do so.

I went into Gunnebah with very little idea of what to expect but knew that changes had to be made to my life and by myself, was unable to fulfil that goal.

The facility itself is set in the most beautiful and tranquil of areas. Surrounded by the amazing and spectacular rainforest, you are afforded the pleasure of serenity and peace whilst undergoing your journey. Having said that, throughout my stay I tried to:- Surf (well, gave it a crack), Golf (also gave that a crack), do some amazing artwork which is now hanging in my house, created some interesting pieces of pottery, did regular PT sessions and boxing classes every morning in the gym on the premises, attempted archery, bocce, basketball, swam, partook of the amazing sauna, went for lovely walks etc etc etc.

The food is without a joke, unbelievable. I defy anybody to find more nourishing, enjoyable, fresh and bountiful cuisine in any restaurant. I am most certainly not exaggerating that!!!

Now for the really important stuff!

The counsellors and staff are compassionate, kind, encouraging and extremely capable, offering suitable, practical and achievable goals and advice. The private and group sessions offer bountiful opportunities to explore and delve into issues and concerns whilst confidentiality and respect is of the utmost importance.

My stay at Gunnebah was shared with folk from all walks of life. Many younger than myself and some even of my more mature vintage. Needless to say, the friendships, relationships and heartfelt moments of internal reflection and genuine compassion shared with people I had only just met was beyond my wildest imaginings. I met people who have changed my thoughts, beliefs and understanding of just about everything I thought I knew to be fact.

As you may gather from this, my stay at Gunnebah was life-changing.


The unique experience changed my life

After staying at Gunnebah for 4 months the unique experience changed my life. The staff were caring and understood my situation which made being there feel like home. The process really helped me deal with some difficult issues that I was facing which I was able to resolve during my stay. Being there was a real relief knowing that I was in the hands of professionals who worked diligently to help me when I needed it the most.

I highly recommend Gunnenbah to anyone who’s struggling with there own personal issues who want the best possible outcome for there health and well-being.


Such a great environment to recover and better yourself

Highly recommend Gunnebah Addiction Retreat. The food is amazing, along with all the staff, therapists and the serenity is beautiful.

Such a great environment to recover and better yourself. Thank you Gunnebah!


I feel whole again

Upon entering a rehabilitation clinic there’s always the unknown which lays ahead – what’s it like, have I made the right choice? It’s a very difficult call to make, especially with all the stigma involved surrounding it.

Addiction is a VERY serious issue and people need true compassion and care in these gloomy times.

Rehabilitation is not what I assumed it to be like, from the first week I was made feel comfortable and part of something. The excellent structure of having an in house Doctor with an extremely well qualified Psychologist / Therapists, gives you every fighting chance to explore yourself and the behaviour that led you there.

I cannot thank Warwick & Jennifer Parer, plus the whole family at Gunnebah enough, for all the valuable information, tools and most importantly, the care and healing I received.

Highly recommend Gunnebah, easily one of the best decisions I’ve personally made, in my life.

There’s no shame in a little self care / I feel whole again.


I had an amazing experience and I’m sad to leave

Gunnebah is a special place. Staff, the surroundings, the whole vibe at the place is amazing. This is not your typical rehab. If you have doubts about rehab, you need to take yourself to Gunnebah. I had an amazing experience and I’m sad to leave.


I wish I could have stayed longer

I stayed at Gunnebah for a total of 10 weeks after my mental health took a major nosedive last year and I could not have chosen a more tranquil, beautiful, professional setting to get back on my feet.

One-on-one therapy with absolutely the best therapists I’ve ever worked with, surrounded by a great team of therapists for daily group sessions and an onsite art therapist who is like a guardian angel continually checking in. Incredible chefs catering to vegetarians and vegans, daily exercise sessions of PT, boxing and yoga. Meditation, mindfulness activities of pottery and art, multiple onsite and offsite activities and a visitors day on Sundays. Pool, table tennis court and a fully equipped gym. Your own personal room to make feel like home. A plethora of books, puzzles and art supplies to keep you occupied. Dogs, goats and chickens add to the beautiful atmosphere onsite. Great management team not to mention the wonderful owners Warwick and Doctor Jenny. Around the clock personal treatment due to the small number of guests so you don’t just feel like a number. A1 environment to get you reset and back on track I’m very grateful to Gunnebah I wish I could have stayed longer!


Gunnebah has not only changed my life but saved my life

If you want a place to reclaim your life then Gunnebah is the place for you. Not only can u wake up to beautiful scenery the facilities, activities and catering is exceptional. I found all the staff to be extremely professional, personable and very good in their field. The whole Gunnebah team are welcoming and non judgemental. I have no doubt that having the opportunity to stay at Gunnebah has not only changed my life but saved my life. Thankyou xx


I now have the skills needed to achieve what I wish for

Gunnebah was a very special find for me. The staff both therapeutic and other are not just professional and competent but have the social skills and outlook that makes rehabilitation an enjoyable life experience. I had no specific expectations but had been disappointed with previously reaching out for help. Arriving at the beautiful tranquil surroundings was a bonus as is the food, on site activities, outings and the mix of people which has added greatly to my life. I am leaving with a sense of purpose and direction feeling i have the skills needed to achieve what I wish for. The fact that I am encouraged to visit for lunch at any time is reassuring as is the follow up calls from my therapist.


Gunnebah is by far nothing like the others

I stayed at Gunnebah for 3 months, I have been to previous rehabilitation centres before and Gunnebah is by far nothing like the others. All the therapist were lovely and helped me work through things that I didn’t know I needed to work on. They helped me gain employment and prepared me for life outside of Gunnebah. Staff were really accommodating whenever I needed assistance in my time there. I enjoyed the activities they had provided for us. They provide a fully equipped gym where I was able to train with other guests staying. I had my own bedroom and was able customise it to make it feel like home. I highly recommend it for anyone else who is looking to change their lifestyle.


I highly recommend this place

A family friend of mine spent some time here and came home raving about their experience. From the food to the staff to the counsellors and the outdoor activities, they would highly recommend this place, as would I after seeing the results.


I have learnt very important life long skills and strategies

Gunnebah has been a very positive experience for myself, to address my addiction to alcohol. I have learnt very important life long skills and strategies. The program is thoughtfully planned out which addresses all aspects which is useful for anyone with any type of addiction, and the activities are enjoyable. The environment allowed me to feel safe and at ease in a tranquil and natural setting in the Numinbah ranges. The staff are kind and supportive and always available to assist every individual in all manners to ensure that their experience at Gunnebah is meeting their needs. Having access to psychologist for individual therapy twice a week and a GP onsite twice a week to assist anyone’s medical issues who is also available for afterhours for ongoing assistance as needed was very reassuring. The food is excellent and prepared by qualified chefs who cater for all manors of dietary requirements and accommodation is comfortable. My time here was very worthwhile.


They treat you like a real person and show respect to everyone

Have loved my time at Gunnebah. They treat you like a real person and show respect to everyone. It is a family run business and you know that it not about the money it is about helping people in need. My experience here has been nothing short of amazing, I have enjoyed every moment here. Helped me overcome my obstacles and create a foundation for my future.


It is a treatment facility that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere

Gunnebah is a one of a kind retreat for those struggling with emotional/mental health and chemical dependency. I can honestly say that between the level of care from the therapy staff and Warwick (Managing Director), exceptional food, activities both on and offsite, and the surrounding environment of friendly dogs and barnyard animals, it is a treatment facility that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere in Australia or abroad.

What differentiates Gunnebah is that from the beginning of the admissions process to discharge, you do not feel like a number in a system. You are constantly immersed in a group setting with healthy and intellectually stimulating therapy and social dynamics. The environment is not only beautiful, but safe and comfortable with each guest having their own room, psychologist, and 24/7 access to support staff in the event that something comes up in the middle of the night you need help with.

Food is plentiful and nutritious. Don’t expect a fridge stocked with soda, chocolate or potato chips, what you will find at meal times are an assortment of cold salads, cooked vegies, and a main course of chicken, fish, steak, etc. The Chef is fabulous. Dietary requirements such as Vegan, Veggie, nut free, etc. are not a problem. Eat as much as you want, or as little as you need – either way works and there’s always the option to make late night eggs and bacon or muesli.

There is a team of four therapists – a special shout out to Sheila who coordinates the group on the weekends and always made herself available for one on one support during difficult times outside of regular therapy hours. She is a trooper and a lovely person. Meditation and mind relaxation exercises are a daily routine at Gunnebah, in addition to group discussions on addiction, and personal planning on your own recovery.

If you need help, call Warwick. You won’t regret it. There is nothing to be afraid of at Gunnebah if even you encounter the odd spider or snake making a home in the gardens. If you need a break and a hard reset to better yourself and swing out of a downward cycle, Gunnebah are there to help and at an affordable price relative to other options.


The best gift I have ever given myself

Without sounding too dramatic, Gunnebah saved my life. If like me, you’ve reached that point where you’ve lost hope and things seem to be getting harder rather than easier, I encourage you to take a step into this world which felt much more than just a rehab.

The location alone makes you feel like you’re at one with nature and they truly capitalise on it with adventures and activities. And the way they nourish you with some of the best food you’ll have cooked for you despite any food allergies you may have is the icing on the cake at the end of the day.

But the true key to the experience is the therapy and therapists and how your educated through classes and workshops about everything surrounding your addiction. And that knowledge stays with you long after you leave, if you put the work in while you’re there. The team at Gunnebah are some of the kindest and most understanding and patient people you’ll ever meet.

Going to Gunnebah was the best gift I have ever given myself in my 35 years on this earth.


The entire team at Gunnebah are marvels of humanity

I had struggled with alcohol addiction for most of my adult life prior to being a guest at Gunnebah. I had known for some years that I needed help but didn’t know how or where I would find that help. My world and my health began to crumble because of my addiction and I became desperate to find some help.

I looked at some rehab facilities online and I have to admit that I had always been a bit sceptical about rehabilitation of any kind. I made several phone call enquiries to different facilities. From the very first phone call, Gunnebah sounded like the only one that had anything real to offer.

Roughly one week into my 30 day stay at Gunnebah I realised that I had basically won the lottery!! The entire team at Gunnebah are marvels of humanity, you are treated with the utmost respect from day 1. They have given me the tools to rebuild my life without the unhealthy habits that I had developed over the years.

I will never forget my time at Gunnebah and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who suffers from alcohol or drug dependancy. The lovely staff, the amazing food and the beautiful surrounds combine to make Gunnebah something very special indeed.


I can hands down say it was the best but very hardest decision I ever made

I spent 5 weeks at Gunnebah. I was very apprehensive and did not want to go. I can hands down say it was the best but very hardest decision I ever made. I needed help, help I thought I didn’t need when I first arrived as I was in denial about my behaviour. At Gunnabah that’s what I got, I was looked after so well, I wasn’t a prisoner I was able to get and take what I needed and apply it to my now new life. I was able to make my room my own and build amazing relationships with the staff, animals and clients. I didn’t want to leave!!! I’m home now and living my best life. I did it myself but I had the help and ability thanks to Warwick and his team.


Alcohol and mental health problems had taken away my life, I owe this new found journey to the wonderful team at Gunnebah.

Gunnebah offers a made-to-measure frame for you to rebuild yourself in a comfortable, nurturing, supportive and wholistic environment. Situated in a semi-remote and beautiful part of the world Gunnebah has a fantastic compliment of staff who genuinely care about you finding your authentic self and moving forward with healthy habits and mind…all achieved whilst experiencing some fresh, fun and life changing moments.

If you are ready for change, some hard work, fun and want to get your life back on track, Gunnebah is the place for you.

Alcohol and mental health problems had taken away my life, I owe this new found journey to the wonderful team at Gunnebah.


I owe my life to Gunnebah

I owe my life to Gunnebah Addiction Retreat. Gunnebah provided a 5 star recovery journey complemented by a team of mental health professionals that are fantastic at providing a supportive recovery experience and are incredibly passionate about drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

If you are looking for a rehab facility that can ensure you get on the straight and narrow, Gunnebah Addiction Retreat is the place to go.


I’m able to be myself again and open up to others when I never felt like I could do that before

Gunnebah is such a welcoming and accepting environment no matter who you are or what walks of life you have ventured. I was made to feel right at home with all the kind staff. They have so many amazing therapists who are always around when you need assistance and will do what they can do make you feel comfortable in such a nerve-racking time and everyone in the office will do everything they can to accommodate you. The food cooked by their chefs is outstanding to say the least! They will cater for everyone! I have an allergy and they were more than happy to accommodate for my needs to ensure that I was still able to eat a good balanced diet whilst I was there. The location is amazing, I’m a city chick so coming out to Gunnebah was such a huge change in scenery, and a breath of fresh air, the beautiful green of the hills and trees was so therapeutic to just sit and be one with my surroundings. Oh, and the animals how could I forget those! They have chickens, goats, a donkey, cows and dogs! Makes me want to sell up and buy some land myself! Gunnebah helped and healed me in a way no other place has been able to. I’m able to be myself again and open up to others when I never felt like I could do that before, I am truly grateful for my time with everyone there.


I learned so much and now have a solid platform to live the rest of my life in sobriety and happiness

I was a resident at Gunnebah, being treated for alcohol addiction, and can honestly say that this place totally changed my life for the better. In recovery you take out what you put in. So if you’re willing to change, then the excellent team here will bend over backwards to help you. The very few people who didn’t do so well, were the ones who didn’t want to change or weren’t ready. I learned so much and now have a solid platform to live the rest of my life in sobriety and happiness.


Being at Gunnebah taught me that I could combat addiction through connecting with others and having a crazy amount of fun, all whilst being sober!

My nine week stay at Gunnebah was life-changing. Trying to beat addiction in the outside world left me exhausted, isolated and depressed. Being at Gunnebah taught me that I could combat addiction through connecting with others and having a crazy amount of fun, all whilst being sober! For me, that has been the most important realisation in my recovery: that my life can be so much better without drugs.

This is largely thanks to the incredible therapy team (especially Angie!). The program is informed and sophisticated but for me it is the passion and enthusiasm in each member of the team that makes the place truly exceptional.
I have heard more than a few horror stories about rehabs in Australia and I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Gunnebah.

Thanks Warwick, Jenny, Trin, Angie, Andy, Alexis, Jock, Jacqui, Peter, and all the wonderful volunteers.


I was so scared and shy at the start but in the end I didn’t wanna leave

for me i was so scared and nervous going into this but i couldnt have found myself in a better place. The team that works there are brillliant and friendly and the place itself is awesome and deffenetly one of the best thing ive ever done to help myself. Ive made new friends for life and left there feeling like a new person, i was so scared and shy at the start but in the end i didnt wanna leave cos its such and amazing place with good people. Thank you to everyone.


I nearly didn’t choose Gunnebah because it had the word “fun” on the website

I cannot speak highly enough about the staff and programs at Gunnebah. If you or someone you know is trapped in the cycle of addiction and are truly ready to plug back into life and experience a real transformation, look no further. I nearly didn’t choose Gunnebah because it had the word “fun” on the website, as though the guilt of my addiction and perceived “weakness” meant I needed to be punished in some way. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Since coming here, I have had life breathed back into me. I’ve developed sober relationships and experienced joy and laughter in ways, now sober, that I had only thought were possible with substance use. Words cannot explain how truly grateful I am to all the staff at Gunnabah for saving my life and helping me to discover a new one full of real purpose and hope again.


There is no clock ticking when trying to sort out your emotional/physical needs

Gunnebah is an environment that welcomes a variety of guests with a range of issues. The staff are welcoming and the environment puts you at ease immediately, whether a guest or a family member/friend. Gunnebah offers a personalised service where each individual is treated with such care and time (there is no clock ticking when trying to sort out your emotional/physical needs). If you or a family member is needing some help, I hope you call them. They really helped us.


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