Specialised Addiction Recovery For Veterans To Help You Break Free

Reclaim Your Health, Happiness, and Purpose With Our Veterans Program

Has addiction impacted your health, relationships and quality of life? Does it sometimes feel like an invisible weight you can’t lift?

The impact of addiction can be especially profound for veterans, where the scars of service run deep, complicating personal and family relationships and casting a shadow over the life you’ve returned to.

What if instead of being at the mercy of your addiction you could regain control of your life, restore your health, repair your relationships and feel like the strong, respected and capable person you once were?

At Gunnebah, we’ve crafted a recovery program for veterans that merges our effective addiction treatment with the understanding of your particular life experiences, led by professionals who are well-versed in the nuances of veterans’ wellbeing and the DVA’s processes.

With hundreds of success stories and a 4.9 star rating, you can feel confident knowing you’re coming to the right place.

Why Visit Gunnebah?

What You’ll Experience At Our Facility

Our diverse team of qualified professionals brings a wealth of experience in addiction recovery and an understanding of the specific challenges encountered by Veterans.

Wellness Program

Build life skills, develop insight and create healthy lifelong habits. It covers relationship skills, nutrition, physical wellbeing, emotional stability and more.


Individual therapy to focus on your life and what is important to you, as well as group therapy to develop mutually supportive friendships.


Adventures and new experiences
like learning to surf, climb Mt Warning, kayaking and more so you can rediscover the excitement in life itself.


Mornings begin with exercise such
as yoga, group fitness or boxercise.
We also have a well-equipped gym, swimming pool and a beautiful hill walk.

Healthy Food

Enjoy delicious, local and wholesome food to nourish your body and mind, whilst also learning the importance of nutrition and how it impacts your health.

Beautiful Location

A beautiful and tranquil retreat that’s removed from the stress, complications and temptations of everyday life, with scenic parks, beaches and wildlife.

Rated 4.9 by 100+ friends.​

“It doesn’t feel like a clinic or a facility, you just feel relaxed and safe like you do at home.”

What Makes Us Different

Value FOr MOney

Gunnebah provides great value for money with top-tier facilities, unmatched care, a proven program and a beautiful semi-remote location for an affordable price.

Tailored Veterans Care

Our program takes into account veteran-specific conditions like PTSD, with therapists who specialise in veteran care and support staff who handle the DVA application process for you.