Whilst most residential addiction rehab programs are ethical and seek to do the best for their guests, there are some unscrupulous operators out there. Before “signing on the dotted line” make sure you have considered the following points:

  • Are they upfront about the cost and is it all inclusive? If not, get them to itemise all possible additional charges. If it’s all inclusive, get them to state that in writing so that they can’t hit you with unforseen extra charges after you have signed up.
  • Does the program have any religious/spiritual affiliations? Will guests be expected to participate in religious/spiritual practices? If so, make sure that you are comfortable with these.
  • What accommodation is provided? Are rooms shared or private? If rooms are shared, then how many people per room and how are room mates selected and what can I do if I don’t like my room mate? Consider what you need to be comfortable for an extended stay. Take a look at our facilities
  • What are the qualifications of the staff involved? Particularly, those who provide training, counseling and group therapy sessions. Do they cover a wide range of disciplines, as necessary for holistic treatment? Take a look at our team.
  • What are the details of the program on a daily basis? Are the days full (this is important) or is there a lot of free time? How often are sessions offered for group therapy, personal counseling, medical checkups? Take a look at our program.
  • What is the approach that is used? Take a look at our method.
  • How long is your program? Research shows that 90 day programs are at least twice as effective as shorter programs.

Some more useful information is available in the ABC News article – Drug rehab: What works and what to keep in mind when choosing a private treatment provider

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